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About Us

At f8 Tech, we pride ourselves on providing IT solutions for companies of all types. Programs we offer include:

Managed Services

Trying to manage your IT and build your business at the same time? If you're feeling overwhelmed, we can help. Our managed services options will allow you to concentrate on getting leads and sales instead of looking after your IT - and with our monthly packages, you'll be able to save money and use those resources for other things.

Cloud Computing

Using the power of the Internet, cloud computing allows you to minimize IT costs while enjoying the most current technology, enhanced data protection, and full support when you want it. Our monthly programs will simplify your IT while saving you money.

Data Protection

If you don't have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place, you risk losing vital information - and possibly even your business - in the event of data theft or a disaster such as a fire or flood. We supply complete protection and backup assistance in the event of a crisis or system failure.

Help Desk

Need access to on-demand IT service? We'll answer your technology questions and eliminate problems so you and your staff stay focused and keep your business going strong.

Vendor Management

Our vendor management programs allow you to get better, faster service from top providers. We'll help you combine relationships and understand all the technical lingo, getting you the service you require to help your company grow and succeed.